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This is an awesome piece of work. I’d like to see the a picture of what PrimeJunt did with the spine of the book.

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Ni No Kuni fan-made Wizard's Companion

Sometimes wizards have to get creative, especially when they’re up against the evil of canceled preorders.

An error affecting publisher Namco Bandai’s online store jilted many would-be buyers out of the Wizard’s Edition of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, a new PlayStation 3 role-playing game (you can read our review here). While the special edition includes a lot of goodies, the best was a real version of an in-game book called the Wizard’s Companion, which contains detailed information on the world’s monsters, items, spells, along with some charming fables and stories.

Not only is the book cool, but it’s incredibly useful. You can read the Wizard’s Companion inside Ni No Kuni’s menus, but it’s a pain to scour through a digital encyclopedia to find a single alchemy recipe. Besides, you have to unlock the tome’s pages slowly as your progress through the story. Having a physical version of the…

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