Nintendo Power Retrospectives: Part 69

This time we’re covering issue #52 of Nintendo Power for September of 1993!

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“Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: II. Water”
Arrangement, Performance: AeroZ
From: ~Inn~, ~Town D~
In: 7th Saga
Composition: Norihiko Yamanuki

Games Reviewed:

  • Final Fight II – Capcom
  • Super Mario All-Stars – Nintendo
  • 7th Saga – Enix
  • Rock & Roll Racing – Interplay
  • Boxing: Legends of the Ring – Electro Brain
  • Super Baseball 2020 – SNK
  • NFL Football (SNES) – Konami
  • Super Off-Road: The Baja – Tradewest
  • GP-1 – Atlus
  • F-1 Pole Position – Ubisoft
  • Final Fantasy Legend III – Squaresoft
  • Felix the Cat (GB) Hudson
  • Pinball Dreams – 21st Century Entertainment
  • Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade – Ubisoft

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