Film Review: House/Hausu (1977)

This is probably the most surreal horror film I’ve watched this October, and may be the most surreal horror film I will ever watch. Continue reading “Film Review: House/Hausu (1977)”


Film Review: The Dark Half (1993)

Once upon a time (I can’t find the original post), I reviewed the 2004 miniseries version of Salem’s Lot, starring Rob Lowe. The miniseries was pretty good, and was able to successfully tell a horror story in about 3 hours – when by comparison most horror films tend to work better in the 90 minute range. So, I was looking forward to checking out The Dark Half, as it was adapted by legendary director George Romero, and with several actors who I’ve come to really enjoy – Timothy Hutton and Michael Rooker. Continue reading “Film Review: The Dark Half (1993)”


Book Review: Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Book 4 – Stratagem

This week the Legend of the Galactic Heroes series prepares to shift into high gear (but hasn’t quite shifted into gear yet).

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Film Review: Silent Running (1972)

Silent Running is a weird film to talk about. It’s clearly a film that wants to be a response to 2001: A Space Odyssey, made in the 1970s in the wake of auteur films like Easy Rider.  It’s also very clearly a film with something to say, which is cool as I really like science fiction that engages in social commentary. However, there is a bunch about Silent Running that doesn’t quite work. Continue reading “Film Review: Silent Running (1972)”