Movie Review: Gravity

Gravity is, quite possibly, the tensest film I’ve ever seen, and is one of the most profound combinations of imagery and music (chronologically) since the Star Wars films and Koyaanisqatsi, and only eclipsed by Mad Max: Fury Road. Continue reading “Movie Review: Gravity”


Movie Review: X-Men – Days of Future Past (Rogue Cut)

When it comes to comic book films, and adaptations of comic books to the screen, there are questions about how you adapt certain comic book concepts to the screen, and as cinematic universes get more involved, there is no question that has lingered in the background more than “How do you clean up a cluttered universe?” How do you not only pull a retcon, but a big universe altering one?

Days of Future Past not only attempts to pull such a retcon, but succeeds, by creating a situation where the X-Men films can change course to a new path different from the first 3 films, while still giving credit to where the earlier films worked. Continue reading “Movie Review: X-Men – Days of Future Past (Rogue Cut)”

Film Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, suffers the same array of problems that the Michael Bay directed Transformers films have suffered. The film takes emphasis away from the title characters of the film to put an increased focus on the human characters. To the film’s credit, it doesn’t clutter up the film with the samedegree of human characters as the Transformers film did, but those elements of the film distract from the main thrust of the narrative. Further, the rest of the film’s action is so cluttered and chaotic that it can’t compensate for the rest of the film’s weak points. Continue reading “Film Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)”

Sealed Envelope – Star Wars, The New Era, and The Prophecy

This week I’m putting together a video with some speculation on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and how The Prophecy from the prequel trilogy might tie in to the film’s plot (if it comes up at all). This was recorded Thanksgiving Weekend, well before the film came out, as a little sealed envelope – if my predictions are right, then I’m a genius! If I’m wrong, I look like a moron! Either way, you win! Continue reading “Sealed Envelope – Star Wars, The New Era, and The Prophecy”

Movie Review – Guyver

This week I’m taking a look at the 1991 Live action adaptation of the popular anime.

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Apollo Z Hack and Obscurus Lupa‘s review of this film currently isn’t available online anyway, so I couldn’t have watched it before my review, whether I’d wanted to or not.


Movie Review – McQ

This week I’m returning to the world of the cinema, with a review of the John Wayne film “McQ” – a film that gives a glimpse of what Wayne might have been like as Dirty Harry.

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Also, I’m going to be at Portland Retro Gaming Expo on Saturday 9/29/2012 & Sunday 9/30/2012. If you see me, say hi! Also, check out the 100th episode of the Dangerous Kids podcast on Saturday.

Movie Review – Live Free or Die Hard

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As someone who intends to become a network security professional, I know a little something about hacking. Not how to penetrate people’s systems or anything like that, but I know about security flaws, I know about ways a possible attacker might come at your system, and I know that the visual for these attacks would be pretty boring. After I learned that the premise of Live Free or Die Hard would involve cyber-crime, I developed a lot of reservations about how this film could turn out. However, after much deliberation, I decided to give the film a watch.

The movie brings back Detective John McClane of the NYPD. Now formally divorced from his wife and estranged from his daughter, he’s ordered to take a computer hacker from New Jersey to Washington DC for questioning related to an attack on the FBI’s computer system, as well as the deaths of several other hackers. After he arrives at the house of the hacker, Matt Farrell (played by Justin Long), some assassins attempt to kill Farrell, ringing alarm bells for McClaine. As John and Matt make their way down to DC, a series of hacker attacks, masterminded by former NSA hacker Thomas Gabriel (played by Timothy Olyphant), bring the US infrastructure to it’s knees. It’s up to McLane and Farrell to stop Gabriel’s plot before millions of lives are lost. Continue reading “Movie Review – Live Free or Die Hard”