Thoughts on Fantasy AGE

I recently took a look at the Dragon Age RPG from Green Ronin, along with the more generic Fantasy AGE RPG, and I want to give a few thoughts on those. Continue reading “Thoughts on Fantasy AGE”


Anime Review – Record of Lodoss War (1990)



This time I’m reviewing the fantasy anime series “Record of Lodoss War” from 1990.

Actual Play – Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – by WhyCalibur
Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana – by Wil Wheaton
Both used with Permission

Record of Lodoss War – by Kadokawa Shoten
Used under fair use.

“Little Lily Swing” – Tri-Tachyon
Used under a Creative Commons License.

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Notes: Matt Walton suggested that I cover some of the material I’ve previously covered in my fanzine on the show – this is meant to be a part of that – I did an article on Western Fantasy in Anime that covered Lodoss and several other shows that I’ll get to in future episodes.


6 Tabletop RPGs for Video Game Fans

This week I’m doing a list with 6 tabletop RPGs you might like, based on your taste in video games. If you’re interested in any of the tabletop RPGs mentioned, lists to the games can be found below.

Also, the weekend of June 15th, 2013 is Free RPG Day! Stop by a participating game store see about picking up one of these games, or many others that might strike your fancy! You can find participating stores here. Continue reading